Agricultural Development

Field of crops

CDS works with crop and livestock producers, producer associations, and other ag-related businesses to create new revenue  streams by adding value to traditional agricultural products.

CDS provides expertise  in conventional, sustainable, and organic agriculture, and can help identify new market opportunities for traditional products through market and feasibility studies. CDS can also help your organization obtain funding through available grant programs.

Agricultural Development Projects

In 2011, they hired Cooperative Development Services (CDS) to conduct a Feasibility Study determining the technical, marketing, and financial feasibility of processing conventional and organic soybeans into meal and oil. “We were told by other companies that our idea wasn’t feasible and didn’t make sense because we were competing against larger companies,” Nelson explained. “The CDS feasibility study showed it wasn’t true. Our approach was found to be feasible and it’s working just fine.” CDS then developed a Business Plan for the extrusion operation identifying markets, competitors, sales strategies, and financial projections.